Ten Things to Avoid When Buying a Home

  1. DO NOT change jobs, become self-employed, or quit your job.

  2. DO NOT buy a car, truck, van, or any new vehicle that requires you to finance it, or borrow money.

  3. DO NOT apply for any new credit.

  4. DO NOT spend the money you have set aside for your closing.

  5. DO NOT buy furniture or make any other major purchases over $250 using credit.

  6. DO NOT let anyone pull your credit report or “check your credit.”

  7. DO NOT make any large deposits or transfers that are not payroll.

  8. DO NOT change bank accounts or move any money between accounts.

  9. DO NOT co-sign on a loan for ANYONE.

  10. DO NOT close any open accounts or pay any old collections.

Homeownership Program Contact Information

Heather Boyd, Homeownership Center Specialist: [email protected] or (828) 384-1386

Sarah Morse, Director of Programs and Grants: [email protected] or (828) 237-9274