Gateway Housing

About Our Housing Program

The feedback we have received from teachers, police, social workers, hospital staff, and those in the hospitality industry, just to name a few, highlighted what is evident in recent research: it is almost impossible to find decent housing in Rutherford and McDowell counties that is affordable.

In response, Gateway Wellness Foundation has joined forces with the local cities, towns, counties, utility providers, and partnered with Dogwood Heath Trust to form Gateway Housing. We now have over 70 workforce houses in the pipeline in Rutherford and McDowell Counties.

Gateway Developments

Gateway’s workforce housing developments have been partially funded by grants from various nonprofits to keep the house prices affordable. These funders require Gateway to focus on helping the local workforce become homeowners. For 80% of each development, the combined income for each household (everyone living in the house) cannot exceed:

  • $55,350 for a household up to 4 people
  • $73,050 for a household of 5 people or more

Some of the houses in the development will have no income restrictions but those will be constructed at a later date.

Become a Homeowner

The dream of homeownership is not out of reach. Gateway homes are developed for working families, teachers, first responders, and more. If you earn approximately $16 – $26 an hour,  it is possible to become a homeowner.

The Gateway Housing Program specializes in helping first-time home buyers who earn between $27,000 – $55,350 a year (up to $73,050 per year for household of over 4 members) to become homeowners. We encourage everyone interested in our houses to apply for a USDA 502 Direct Loan. The benefits of this financing includes:

  • No down payment required
  • Low monthly payments
  • Low interest rate
  • Counsel and support provided by Gateway throughout the application and purchase process

Homeownership Program Contact Information

Heather Boyd, Homeownership Center Specialist: [email protected] or (828) 384-1386

Sarah Morse, Director of Programs and Grants: [email protected] or (828) 237-9274