Through intentional partnerships and collaborations, Gateway Wellness Foundation focuses on on improving the health and well-being for all residents in Burke, McDowell, Polk and Rutherford Counties.


Our mission is to address the social determinants of health in western North Carolina, and provide funding to organizations that seek solutions to obstacles to health and wellness for the residents of Gateway’s four-county region.

Our 2021 grant cycle opens August 1st.   See below for information on funding priorities and the application process.

What we fund

We invest our grantmaking dollars in projects that work to support and uplift underserved and marginalized communities and people.  Gateway is inviting proposals that focus on access to health care, childhood development, education, food insecurity, and housing.  We have also include a “Special Projects” category.  Please read below for more information on these focus areas and examples of the kinds of proposals we may fund.  

Access to Health Care

Increasing access to healthcare and behavioral health care; reducing the existing disparities in access to healthcare.

Childhood Development

Nurturing the emotional, social, and/or physical development of  children, thereby directly impacting their overall development into happy, healthy, productive adults.



Food Insecurity

Measurably decreasing food insecurity and increasing the availability of healthy food

Special Projects

Projects may address (but are not limited to) issues around job creation and job readiness, centralized coordination of case management, capacity building, substance use disorder, and hardships that communities are experiencing.

Application Process

We are accepting funding requests of up to $100,000.  Please note, there will be a limited number of awards given out above $50,000.  Organizations are encouraged to submit requests for smaller projects.

  1. Applications will be accepted online from August 1 until midnight August 31, 2021. 
  2.  Please note:  All applications must be submitted via the online application form (see Apply Online button below).  The online application does  not allow the user to save a partially completed application and come back at a later time to complete it.  The application must be completed in one sitting.  We suggest you download the application worksheet (see Application Worksheet button below) and complete all questions in a separate Word document.  Also gather any accompanying attachments.  When you are ready to submit your application, copy and paste into the online application, and submit any attachments.  
  3. For requests of $50,000 or more, if applicable, Gateway may request an onsite visit and may request further information about the project.
  4. Final funding decisions will be announced in November 2021.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for funding, the organization:  

  1. Must be a nonprofit 501(c)(3) or governmental entity
  2.  Serve the residents of Burke, McDowell, Polk, and/or Rutherford counties
We are currently unable to fund:
  1. Individuals
  2. Political purposes, including lobbying
  3. Out-of-area projects 
  4. Grants prohibited by IRS regulations

For all questions email Angela Anderson at [email protected]